Add Cute Embroidery to Your Cat Kicker Toy

So, you’ve got this cat kicker toy, right? It’s cool, but let’s make it even cooler by adding some cute embroidery. Here’s how, step by step:

Stuff You’ll Need

Here are the needs.

Cat Kicker Toy

Grab your cat kicker toy,the one you can’t take apart.

Embroidery Floss

Get some embroidery floss in your favorite colors for the pattern.

Embroidery Needle

Pick a small-eyeballed needle for precision.


You’ll need these to snip the floss.

Pencil (Optional)

If you want to be precise, use a pencil to lightly draw your pattern on the toy.


After preparing the needs, you can follow the steps.

Plan Your Design

Think about the cute pattern you want. Hearts, stars, flowers—whatever floats your boat. Decide where you want it on the toy.

Get your needle and floss ready

Thread your embroidery needle with a piece of floss. You can use one color or switch it up for a multi-color vibe. Knot one end to keep it secure.

Sketch Your Pattern (If You Want)

If you’re feeling fancy, lightly sketch your pattern on the toy with a pencil. This gives you a roadmap for your embroidery adventure.

Let’s Get Stitching

Start embroidering your cute pattern. Stick the needle from inside the toy to the outside, pulling it through. Follow your sketched pattern or freestyle it—up to you!

Stitch It Up

Use basic embroidery stitches like backstitch, satin stitch, or French knots to fill in your design. Keep those stitches tight and even for a neat look.

Mix Colors (If You Feel Like It)

If you’re going for a rainbow effect, switch up the floss colors as you go. Knot the old one, start with the new one, and make sure those knots are inside the toy.

Lock It In

When your embroidery masterpiece is done, knot the floss inside the toy to keep it in place. Trim any extra floss neatly.

Double-Check Your Work

Inspect your embroidered pattern and fix any loose threads or wonky stitches. Make sure all the knots are tucked away inside.

Show off the Masterpiece

Now that your cat kicker toy is rocking a cute embroidered pattern, it’s ready for the spotlight. Watch your cat go wild with their fancy new toy.

Maintenance Check

Keep an eye on your embroidered design. If you see any threads acting up, just reinforce the stitches to keep the pattern looking fresh.


Adding cute embroidery to your cat kicker toy is a fun way to give your kitty’s playtime some extra style. Your cat will love their personalized, one-of-a-kind toy, and you’ll be the coolest cat parent around!