Crafting Awesome Dog Chase Toys with Cardboard Boxes

Hey there, pet pals! Want to jazz up playtime for your four-legged buddy without splurging on fancy toys? We’ve got you covered!

Today, we’ll dive into the exciting world of making DIY dog chase toys using good old cardboard boxes. Get ready to have a blast with your furry friend while keeping things simple and budget-friendly.

Materials you’ll need

First things first, gather your supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

Cardboard boxes of different sizes

Scissors (the trusty kind)

Markers or paint (pet-safe, of course)

Tape (go for masking or duct tape)

Treats (optional, but excellent for motivation)


Here are the crafting steps:

Choose Your Play Plan

Now, let’s brainstorm the kind of chase toy you want to whip up. It could be as straightforward as a cardboard maze, a treat-dispensing wonder, or even a hide-and-seek enigma. Picture it in your mind or sketch it out before you roll up those sleeves.

Cardboard Maze Magic

Grab those cardboard boxes and start carving out windows and doors. Think of it as building your doggy wonderland.

Arrange the boxes to create a thrilling maze and tape them together securely.

Don’t forget the artsy part! Color it up with markers or paint to make it visually pop.

Treat-O-Rama Dispenser

Take a small cardboard box and carve out a treat-sized hole—just big enough for those tasty morsels to slip through.

Fill the box with treats and seal it up, leaving the hole open for your dog to dig into.

Make it enticing by adding some artistic flair.

Hide-and-Seek Box

Slice up some smaller cardboard boxes into various shapes and sizes.

Stash some treats or your pup’s beloved toys inside these mini-boxes.

Scatter them around, and let the treasure hunt begin!

Safety First

Before you unleash cardboard chaos, remember these safety tips:

Smooth out all those sharp edges to keep your pup’s paws and snout safe.

Keep an eagle eye on your dog during playtime to avoid any cardboard snack mishaps.

If your furry buddy gets too rough and starts shredding, replace the cardboard to dodge choking risks.

Play and Bond

It’s showtime! Introduce your DIY cardboard chase toy to your dog and watch them dive in. You can even sweeten the deal with treats or their favorite toy. Jump in yourself and make it an interactive, tail-wagging affair.

Observe and tweak

Keep an eye on how your dog responds. If they’re loving it, fantastic! If not, no worries; tweak the toy until it hits the sweet spot. The goal is to have a rollicking good time together.

Wrap It Up

Creating dog chase toys from cardboard boxes isn’t just wallet-friendly; it’s a blast for both you and your pup. It gets their noggin working, their paws moving, and strengthens your bond in the process. So, gather those supplies, get creative, and let the cardboard party begin!